From the producers of Fractured Land, comes a short film based on the legend of Simon Gunanoot. 

Now available on Crave

Northern British Columbia, 1908: Gitxsan indigenous businessman turned outlaw Simon Gunanoot – labelled a “terrible savage” for allegedly killing two men – is in hiding during a brutally cold winter. Meanwhile, in Hazelton, grubstaker Seamus Campbell and his shotgun-toting thug come to the Two Mile Saloon to collect a debt from failed prospector Danny Kelly. In desperation, Kelly impulsively decides to venture deep into the frozen wilds of the Skeena Mountains in pursuit of Gunanoot and the $1,000 bounty for his capture.

Kelly soon realizes he’s in over his head – the hunter becomes the hunted. In the ensuing dogsled chase, Simon’s curious actions leave viewers wondering who he was, and just how far Canadian society has evolved since his time.

T H E   T R A I L E R


We created this short film to introduce audiences to Simon’s story and to launch a dramatic series on the same topic. Simon’s coming of age, his thirteen years on the run, and the courtroom drama after he turned himself in all hold the depth and scope of an epic multi-part series.

Simon’s exploits, evading police, bounty hunters – even the famous American mercenaries the Pinkertons – across one of the most rugged, unforgiving, yet spectacular landscapes on the planet, make for a fascinating story that will resonate with a global audience. Simon’s story is begging to be told and we have assembled the team to do it.